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The End of the Road...

After working on Player pianos for over 25 years both part time and full time, I have decided to close the business. I have built the Bergytone pumps for 8 years, and now there is just not enough orders coming in to keep it going.

The player piano business, as you might have guessed is slowly fading away, and my little niche corner of this world is nearly gone.


Thank you to all of my loyal customers who have purchased and used my products through the years... I appreciate your support.


I will continue to provide support to



Eric Bergstrom -proprietor

Eric Bergstrom- owner and technician

Those of you that have purchased my products, but I no longer am taking orders for Bergytone vacuum pumps.


I am keeping my “junkyard” open, as I’m looking to now to sell off many of the parts I have in my shop. I will be keeping my piano servicing and repair tools just in case I decide to get back into this at a later date. But many of the used parts I will be getting rid of, so be sure to look over my junkyard page.


Thanks again... And keep the music rolling!

If you need to contact me regarding product previously purchased, send an email to:

Bergytone@yahoo.com or call 630 772 1958