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Why Electrify?

There are many reasons to electrify your upright player piano. Maybe you are tired of pedaling away every time you want to hear a roll. Remember, these machines were made before electricity was everywhere, so pedaling was the only way to go. Perhaps your player is getting a bit leaky, so adding the electric pump is a way to overcome all the leaks and get it playing again.


Kits ship within 15 business days of order.  I can customize the kits as needed, just call. I can supply extra lengths of hose as needed too. I ship internationally!

All of the Bergytone electrification kits come with a money-back policy. If you can’t make it work, or it won’t fit, send it back postpaid within one month and we will refund your money, minus the shipping costs.

BT-002 Vacuum Electrification Kit
The BT-002 is a next generation vacuum box designed from the ground up as a quiet, efficient, easy to install kit. Over 50 inches of water vacuum level can overcome even the leakiest system. This is a custom designed vacuum box system engineered specifically for player pianos.


BT-002 Complete Suction box

BT-003 Motor Speed Control -enhance your system
If you are looking for a high end vacuum box speed controller to replace your broken unit, or to upgrade your single speed vacuum box, check out the BT-003. It is a dual speed high current system that is fully compatible with any of the manufacturers of vacuum boxes including PPCo, QRS, and those found on Ebay.


BT-003 Electronic Speed controller


Bergytone Products are sold at Pianopro Service and Schaff Piano.



Electrify Your Player

BT-005 Auto Shut off after reroll
This accessory is a simple and reliable way to automatically shut your player off after rewind. Easy to install and operate. Exact replacement for the PPCo #652.

BT-005 Auto shut off

What happened to the BT-001 microcontroller based automation system?

I developed 4 prototypes and went through some initial testing. I wasn’t happy with the end of roll sense, but the new BT-007 changes this. I hope to have a production ready unit soon. I’m looking into production parts now. And I have someone beta testing it with the new BT-007 switch

BT-006 Automatic rewind pneumatic system... A fully automatic rewind pneumatic device that ou can add to your player to have it automatically kick into rewind at the end of the song. No more running to your piano to shut it off before the paper tears off the spool. Super easy to attach to your BT-002. You must have a little mechanical aptitude to fit this into your piano, as some modifications to existing linkages may be required.