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NOTE: This vacuum box MUST be used with a motor speed controller. Use of the motor connected directly to 120V AC will create vacuum levels that could be destructive to the player action, valves, and the delicate leather pouches within. Ordinary light dimmers are not specifically designed for the highly inductive load of the universal type of motors used in these pumps and are not recommended for use. They have no upper limit to the speed and could easily accidentally be turned up to vacuum levels that could damage your player.

Our BT-003 dual speed controller is the perfect speed controller for player piano use.

Example of finished box

If you are handy in the woodworking shop, you can easily build a vacuum box nearly identical to the other boxes that sell for over $375. With only a drill press , a table saw, and some simple hand tools, satisfactory results can be achieved. My DIY instruction manual gives you all of the information you need including a cutting guide and sources for the motor.

The plans are eleven full pages packed with info and have over 30 pictures detailing every aspect of building the box. A bill of materials is included. The box can be made out of nearly any wood: particle board, MDF, plywood.... what ever you have available. A table saw works best for accurate cuts, but a hand held circular saw can be used with a proper cutting straight edge.


Save money- Build it yourself