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Bt-002 Electrification Kit    $335  (comes with a BT-003 speed controller) *

Bt-003 Speed controller    $95

Bt-005 Auto-shut off        $95 *

BT-006 Auto Rewind        $165 *

BT-007 Vacuum switch    $24

Deluxe Automation kit: BT-002 + BT-005 + BT-006  $580 ($15 discount)


Orders generally are filled in two weeks. Deleuxe kits can take a bit longer.


All prices do not include shipping.  Please call or write for shipping. We take personal check, business checks or paypal.


Just send me a quick email and I will send you a paypal invoice for the total including shipping.


* Now also available at Schaff Piano, Lake Zurich, IL !

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