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From Bergytone Products... The BT-006

The Bergytone BT-006 is an automation kit designed to put your player piano into rewind at the end of the song. It is a complete kit of parts, ready to install. The main difference between this unit and the old PPCo unit is the separation of the valve block from the pneumatic, which makes the installation more compact and easier to install.


The valve block is a dual valve design to improve air flow. It has dual mounting holes so it can be mounted either flat or on edge.

It has a single control port that is connected to one of the last tracker bar holes, which open at the end of almost every roll ever produced.

Automatic Rewind kit

These photos show how easy it is to install. Drill a hole in the top of the BT-002, then screw the valve block down. Prepare the linkage, then screw the pneumatic to the side wall of the piano.  Then connect the linkage and a section of hose.  Run the control hose up to the tracker bar and tee it in the appropriate tracker line, and you’re done!

Here’s a couple pictures showing different valve block mounting, external to the pump. The pneumatic in this case would be mounted above the keybed.

These photos show the valve block mounted to an HC Bay pump, and to an early Standard pump. The grey hose is connected to a suction box like the BT-002

The auto rewind kit is now in production. The  price is $165, which includes the valve, an actuator pneumatic, 3 feet of hose, control line hose, elbow, linkage hardware and detailed instructions.


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Now being sold by Schaff Piano

The actuator pneumatic supplied is 6” x 3”, but if a different size is needed due to space constraints, contact me and I can make the actuator any size you’d like.