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One thing to note about adding the BT-005 to your player is that it will require drilling some holes in top of the spoolbox.  If you are not comfortable modifying your player system, then you can consider making a replacement top that will fit on the spoolbox and keep the original unmodified.

Everything needed to install the switch is included. The ultra sensitive micro-switch is rated at 10 Amps and is compatible with all vacuum box products. The included cable plugs right into the BT-002 pump kit without any wire cutting or splicing. A fully detailed instruction manual walks you through the installation and wiring. The BT-005 measures 3” x 1.25” x 1.25”.



Introducing the BT-005 Auto shut-off switch by Bergytone Products. This switch is used to sense the end of rewind and automatically shut off the vacuum pump system.  It is identical to the PPCo part number 652, and is a direct replacement for this part at a lower cost.

One of the common problems that player pianos with electrification kits have is that at the end of the rewind cycle the roll spins in the spoolbox. It will stay this way, making a whole bunch of racket until someone finds the main power switch and shuts the pump off.  The BT-005 senses the end of the rewind and automatically shuts the pump off.


The BT-005  has a tab (actuator) that hangs down behind the roll and when the roll finishes rewinding, the action of the roll tab flapping in the spool hits the tab and shuts the switch off. A small push button resets the switch and starts the playing over again. There is nothing in contact with the paper roll as it plays.


A disconnect plug is provided to allow for later removal of the upper part of the player system for servicing or tuning. An eight foot extension cable is provided.



Auto Shut-off after Re-roll

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Price is $90 plus shipping.  Click here for ordering information. Now also carried by Schaff Piano supply!

Made from solid Maple, Finished in Amber shellac.  The electrical switch is rated at 15A which is more than adequate for player piano pumps.