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Everything needed to install the controller is included. An ultra sensitive micro-switch is included to sense forward or rewind state of the player, and is easily mounted under the keybed or by the transmission. This switch is connectorized so that the upper player action can easily be removed leaving the controller in place. A fully detailed instruction manual walks you through the installation and wiring. Compact in size at 3 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 3/4" the BT-003 is hardly noticeable when mounted under your piano keybed.

Introducing the BT-003 dual stage speed controller by Bergytone Products. This self contained solid state speed controller module is the perfect solution to providing the proper amount of vacuum power to your player system. Small and efficient, the BT-003 is easy to install and simple to operate.

Two independent speed adjusters allow the forward vacuum level and rewind vacuum level to be set at any level from 0 to 100%. Even scenarios where the rewind vacuum level needs to actually be greater than the play vacuum level are easily obtained.



If your existing speed controller is broken, acting erratically, or won't produce full power, then the BT-003 is the perfect solution. It is fully compatible with all of the vacuum suction boxes marketed (that use a Universal motor) such as those by PPCo, QRS and others as marketed on EBay.

Price is $75 plus shipping. Send me an email to place an order: bergytone@yahoo.com

A Better Vacuum box Speed Controller

A better Volume control

In most of the electrification units installed over the years, there has always been a confusing interaction between the settings of the play and the rewind speed settings.

This is not a re-packaged light dimmer as has been offered by some on ebay. This is a dual time-constant, high switching current driver, built specifically for universal motors such as the kind used in vacuum boxes.



The BT-003...