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The BT-002: Quality you can see....

Take a look at these two photographs. The unit on the left is an example of the typical construction of a competitor's vacuum box. Made from at least three different types of wood, it has the appearance of being made of 'scrap' wood. The seams are sloppy and show poor alignment.



The photo on the right shows the Bergytone BT-002 box construction. Rabbet joints and precision cuts make the seams nearly invisible. The sturdy construction and air-tightness is evident. This product has a professional look that you can be proud to install.


In some pianos, to add on an auxiliary pneumatic such as re-roll or mandolin rail, more than one vacuum line is needed.


Rather than drill port holes in the reservoir, it is often easier to do this at the pump itself. This keeps the originality of the foot pumps and reservoirs intact. It can also allow for cleaner hose routing.  This photo shows an additional port connected to a rewind pneumatic system.



Multi-Port Capability

The Bergytone pump is unique in that multiple ports can be added to the top (or even the upper sides) if required. By design, the BT-002 has an acoustical dampening chamber above the motor. It is this chamber that allows holes to be drilled and port fittings to be glued in. All of the other suction boxes on the market today do not allow this due to the fact that the motor is placed all the way to the top of the box. Drilling into their boxes would drill right into the motor!.  If you would like to see the 6 page installation manual, drop me a line and I’ll email a copy to you.

How to Buy

The current price is $315 plus shipping.  UPS Shipping is approximately $20 anywhere in the US. Contact us for exact shipping cost.


Go to the Contact Us page for ordering info.


Now also being sold by Schaff Piano Supply,

Lake Zurich, IL, but you can save by ordering from me directly

Bergytone Vacuum Kits

What others are saying:

I thought I would email you and tell you that I installed the Bergytone BT-002 yesterday, and my 1921 Beckwith player piano is making beautiful music without any foot pumping.  I really like this way of making music!!  Everything installed without any problems.  I would say it took around 2 hours. It was not difficult at all!!  I placed the pump in a nice cabinet which sits next to the player piano.  I had plenty of tube and wiring.  Thank for this wonderful item.  I have enclosed a picture of the cabinet where the pump is located and the player piano.  I am really enjoying this instrument!! Bruce, Neodesha, KS


Eric, the suction box arrived today, and I have it installed in my Steck Duo Art Player. I have to say that it is the nicest suction unit that I have ever purchased and that you will have all of my future orders when I need another .Thanks again Don Phelps


Eric, installed the motor in the nickelodeon the other day and it works great! Thanks for a good product. Also, I need an extra speed controller. Ken , Oregon


Eric, very very pleased with the suction box.  Nice job on the quality, refreshingly quiet motor, and thoughtfully written instructions.

I also greatly appreciate the attention you gave to getting this order delivered by the promised date. Andy, Santa Fe, NM


All I can say is that you kick some serious ass! You are absolutely awesome! The quality of the work is phenomenal. Much, Much, Much better than I anticipated. I knew you were good, but I didn't quite know what to expect. I will recommend you to everybody I ever meet that needs one of these. I am also going to give high reviews on the various forums that I belong to. Excellent product & service! In short, I just want to say thank you. Derick, East Freetown, MA


Received the speed controller Sat. Works great !  Duaine, St. Louis


I received the vacuum controller unit last week. I have installed it in the piano. The unit is very nice and compact. Your instructions were excellent. Thank you for making these units available.  Tom, Portland, OR

Built in the USA, right in Michigan

Not an imported product !