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Will this work on my piano?

There are two things to check before purchasing the BT-002 kit. First, will your piano play at all with the pedals? If the roll moves smoothly and notes sound but you really have to pedal fast just to make music, then the BT-002 will generally work.  If nothing happens , and the roll doesn’t even move, then you probably have some major leaks that would need to be fixed before installation. Of the Bt-002

Second, you should check that you have enough room on the piano floor to fit the pump. Usually on the right side, you will need an 8 x 8” area about 10” tall to properly fit the pump.  There are modifications that can be made to make it fit, contact me for details.

If you are looking for the next generation vacuum electrification pump for your Player Piano, then take a look at the Bergytone BT-002. A quality built, made in the USA, quiet and efficient vacuum box that has been designed from the ground up.

The three biggest complaints with these vacuum boxes are: they are too noisy, there is this weird interaction on the controls between play and rewind, and they look like they are sloppily built.

We took a look at the boxes being made by Player Piano Company and others, redesigned the box and solved each of the problems. A precision made vacuum motor, coupled with a new electronic speed controller and a quality built, noise dampened enclosure resulted in a vacuum box that exceeds all others on the market.



Smooth, Quiet operation

A two stage impeller type vacuum pump is used to give it plenty of power. Add to this a noise isolated motor mount, ultra-dense MDF box construction, and acoustical damping material inside. An offset inlet pipe which has been flared to limit turbulence is key to keeping air noise from traveling right up the supply hose. All of these things add up to a smooth, efficient and quiet vacuum pump that no longer makes your piano sound like it was electrified by the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Company!

Installing the BT-002 will not interfere with the normal foot pedal play of your piano. A flap valve has been put into the inlet port on the top of the system to allow proper manual play. This flap valve is spring biased closed so that the annoying popping of the flap valve of competitor's units during manual play is eliminated. Another exclusive of the Bergytone BT-002 !

The BT-002 kit includes the BT-003 speed controller. Read about it here. It does not include the Auto Shut off switch.

Click here to read more including price and ordering info

Bergytone Vacuum Pump

Warantee information: All of the Bergytone pump kits are guaranteed to perform well in your piano. If you cannot make it work, send it back and we will refund your money. It’s that simple. The electronics are warranted for one year, and the pump motor is warranted for 5 years. The only part that wears out are the brushes and that may take 20 years! Replacement brushes are available.

Included in the kit: The pump unit, speed controller, 2 feet of hose, manifold connection block, switch, hardware and a 6 page instruction booklet